’4D ultrasounds’ may test abortion laws

 ABC News (Australia) October 10 2007
Ultrasounds that produce video-quality moving images of the foetus have changed the debate about late-term abortion, an Australian ethics expert says. Senior law lecturer Dr Kristin Savell from the University of Sydney says so-called 4D ultrasound technology has “democratised foetal imagery” by giving the public direct visual access to realistic images.

The deputy director of the Centre for Health Governance, Law and Ethics says these images have prompted a change in the language of the abortion debate with a greater focus on the “personhood” of the foetus. “The 4D images have been used by opponents of abortion to reinforce the complexity of the sentient foetus and attention has persistently been drawn to the behavioural capacities of the foetus from around 18 weeks,” she wrote in the Journal of Law and Medicine.

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