Abortion Best Predictor of Breast Cancer – UK Study

 Family Edge MercatorNet 12 October 2007
The breast cancer epidemic that has emerged over the past three decades is likely to get worse because of increases in induced abortion and a decline in childbearing, according to research published in the latest Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. The risk from abortion is greatest before the first full-term pregnancy (nulliparous abortion).
Patrick Carroll, director of research at the Pension and Population Research Institute in London, used data for eight European countries with comprehensive records on cancer and abortion in order to predict future rates of breast cancer. He used a method which takes into account seven reproductive risk factors in all and which has proved quite accurate for predicting cancers observed between 1998 and 2004.It shows that countries with higher abortion rates can expect substantial increases in breast cancer over the next 25 years — over 50 per cent for England and Wales. Countries such as Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic where abortion rates are low can expect increases under 10 per cent. In Sweden, the effect of a high abortion rate is partly offset by fewer nulliparous abortions, more births and a high rate of breastfeeding, resulting in a likely 31 per cent increase in breast cancer.
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