Abortion pill is dangerous for women

Family First Media Release April 11, 2006
It is disgraceful that a GP, who should be defending life, has urged easier and earlier access to the abortion pill RU486. (Dominion Post 11 April 2006)

Wellington doctor Carol Shand said delays to abortions were caused by abortion laws which required women to go through a complex series of steps including numerous medical referrals before they could get an abortion.

“However, most NZ’ers know that the abortion laws are a sham and that many women are encouraged to use the defence of “danger to mental health” in order to have an abortion,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of the Family First Lobby. “Women deserve better than a simple “take this pill and call me in the morning” approach.

 “Mothers need to have time, and to know the full facts before they undertake such a significant procedure.

 “They need to know the possible side-effects of an abortion, they need to know the links with breast cancer which are well documented, and above all, they need to be free to discuss what they are doing with the father of the child (who is often left out of the process), their family and friends.”

The Women’s Forum Australia said earlier this year that “RU486 is demonstrably unsafe for women.” and “..that many abortion decisions are motivated by a lack of emotional, social and material support.”

 A study published in 2005 by Dr Anna Whitehead of the Waikato District Health Board and Dr Janet Fanslow of Auckland University found that women having abortions were much more likely than other women to have been abused.

 “Do we want to rush these women through a medical procedure without dealing with underlying causes and possible emotional and physical factors which have, and will continue to harm the mother,” says Bob McCoskrie. “We wouldn’t for any other operation – why this one?”

 “Women deserve better than a “quick fix” from a doctor who should know better than others the implications of this procedure.”


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