Abortion pill plan

The Press 11 March 2009
South Island women could soon be able to get an abortion without going to hospital or an abortion clinic. Family Planning yesterday announced it had applied to the Abortion Supervisory Committee for a licence to dispense abortion pills. The Family First lobby group said it was concerned about the conflict of interest in clinics that gave women advice on pregnancies also dispensing the abortion pills.

New Zealand Family Planning chief executive Jackie Edmond said the abortion pill, the drug mifegyne, allowed women less than nine weeks’ pregnant to get an abortion without going to hospital for surgery. Only district health boards in certain cities can currently dispense the pills… Family First director Bob McCroskie said he was alarmed at the prospect of the pill. “This will mean that Family Planning will be able to talk women into having abortions, and then carry the procedure out on them … there is a huge conflict of interest here. Those offering advice shouldn’t be the ones performing the abortions.” McCroskie said he was concerned about the pills’ effects on women’s health.

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