Abortion Rights a Losing Message in the Midterms

Townhall.com 5 November 2014
Wendy Davis and Mark Udall ran on extreme abortion records – and they lost horribly.

Davis, a Democratic Texas State Senator, gained overnight fame for trying to filibuster a life-saving bill that would ban abortions at five months, the point at which unborn babies can feel pain. Feminist and liberal groups lionized her as a hero for her late-term abortion agenda. They even decided to run her against Republican Greg Abbott in Texas’s gubernatorial race.

How did that go? Not well.

Her pro-life GOP opponent Greg Abbott won a majority of the female vote. Here’s why we shouldn’t be surprised:

Then there’s Colorado, where Democrat Sen. Mark Udall was just as keen on promoting late-term abortion. His race also didn’t go his way.

In addition to these two races, the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List sent out a joyful email to supporters celebrating four other wins in which they had invested: Arkansas, North Carolina, Iowa and Kansas.

So, despite liberals desperately trying to keep their “war on women” strategy alive, which Charles Krauthammer went as far as to say had been ‘discredited,’ voters clearly ignored these misleading campaign ads. Last night was a resounding victory for the pro-life movement.

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