Abortion stories: Marina

The Wireless November 2013
Every woman experiences an abortion in a different way, so we asked some women to share their stories. When they’ve requested it, we have changed their names.

A warning: some of this things discussed in these stories may be upsetting. 

Just prior to my 21st birthday I had an abortion.  At the time I thought it was the answer to my situation and that it would be quickly forgotten. However, it was not.

For many years I didn’t talk about it very openly, as abortion was and still is something of a taboo subject.  So often we look at other people and think they have got it all together, but you never know the journey someone else has travelled.

When I first fell pregnant I wasn’t on any contraception and had gone away with my boyfriend.  One thing led to another and I fell pregnant. I had miscalculated my cycle and realised afterwards, but it was too late.

Peter was the father and we were both very young; I was only 20. My emotions were very up and down, I was scared and confused. Would Peter leave me? Would I be bringing up another child without a father?


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