Adoption paves way for love 26 March 2014
It’s what they talk about in movies and soap operas;  15-years-old, Catholic and pregnant.  The daughter of a well known policeman, to the son of a well known Catholic school principal.  The shame.  The embarrassment.  The scandal.

Well, that was me, the 15-year-old girl, and from the moment I snuck to the doctors to have my suspected pregnancy confirmed, my life changed forever.

For me the decision to adopt out my baby was fairly black and white.  My mother, who offered to bring up my baby for me, had already had her children (me and my sister), and the father of my baby’s family, likewise.

The father of the baby and I could have gone on to bring up our baby ourselves, but seriously, how do a 15 and 17-year-old look after themselves in the world, let alone a precious wee baby?

Against some wider family’s wishes, I made my decision.  And my decision was to offer this precious life, the best life I could, and for me that was to give her to a family – an amazing family.

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