‘An appalling practice’: David Cameron vows to fight sex-selective abortions

The Independent 21 March 2014
The Prime Minister David Cameron said today that sex-selective abortions – where female foetuses are deliberately destroyed because they are the “wrong sex” – are appalling and that he is determined to raise the matter with Britain’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies.

Mr Cameron told parliament that aborting foetuses because they are girls is “simply an appalling practice” and needs to be challenged within the ethnic communities where it might be a problem, not least because it is illegal in the UK.

In answer to a question from Paul Uppal MP, Mr Cameron said that Dame Sally and the Department of Health are preparing new guidance to doctors over abortions which will try to tackle the pressure that some pregnant women face to have sons in preference to daughters.

The Independent published an interview on Saturday with a young British-born mother of Pakistani parentage who said that she was pressured by her husband to have two abortions after pregnancy scans had shown that the foetuses she was carrying were female.

This followed our revelations earlier this year, based on an analysis of the 2011 national census records suggesting that up to 4,500 girls may be “missing” from the census data of England and Wales because of sex-selective abortions either in the UK or abroad within certain ethnic minorities.

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