Australian Medical Expert Advocates Baby Tax to Offset “Greenhouse Gas” Emissions

Calls Parents of Large Families “Polluters” and Hints that Australia should Adopt One Child Policy December 11, 2007
The Medical Journal of Australia has published a widely-publicized article by a medical professor advocating draconian taxation for parents who have more than two children, in order to offset the carbon emissions the child is likely to generate and contribute to “global warming.”

The article is the latest of an increasing number of public statements from global warming advocates calling for world de-population as one crucial solution to the program. The peer-reviewed article, written by Professor Barry Walters of the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, advocates requiring the parents to pay an upfront tax of $4,390 USD for each child born after their second child, and up to $700 annually thereafter. The article argues that “Every newborn baby in Australia represents a potent source of greenhouse gas emissions for an average of 80 years, not simply by breathing but by the profligate consumption of resources typical of our society.

Far from showering financial booty on new mothers and rewarding greenhouse-unfriendly behaviour, a ‘baby levy’ in the form of a carbon tax should apply, in line with the ‘polluter pays’ principle,” Walters continues. Walters also implies that the infamous “one child policy” used in China, which has resulted in numerous coerced late-term abortions and post-partem infanticides, should also apply to Australia:  “I believe we deserve no more population concessions than those in India and China,” he writes. …Although it is Walter’s profession to treat the illnesses of human beings, he ranks them second in importance to “the environment”. He approvingly quotes David Attenborough, who said that “instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of the population, we should control the population to ensure the survival of the environment.”


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