Born at just 24 weeks and two days, tiny Nikita proves herself a real fighter

NZ Herald 12 February 2015
A Northland family has welcomed a healthy baby girl born more than three months’ premature – one of the most premature births in the country.

Nikita Singh was born on December 11 at National Women’s Hospital in Auckland weighing just 745 grams. She was not due until March 31.

While a full term baby is about 40 weeks, Nikita was born at just 24 weeks and two days.

Initially doctors tried to prepare her parents Kirsty McNamara-Singh and Jas Singh, of Whangarei, for the chance she may not survive.

“She proved the doctors wrong,” Mrs McNamara-Singh said.

Not only did she survive, Nikita was taken off a ventilator after only three days and has faced no major complications.

About 23 weeks is the internationally accepted gestation for a baby to survive, though there have been a handful born earlier who had lived.

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