Consider adoption instead of abortion

Rotorua Daily Post 12 November 2012
I do think there should be easier and free access to contraception to reduce the number of abortions, but I also think people who don’t want to have children need to have a bit of a spine and pay for contraception or perhaps use the word no. As someone who has struggled to have a child it was with tremendous sadness that I read there had been 821 abortions in Rotorua and the wider Bay of Plenty last year and more than half of those who had abortions were under 24. 

In this day and age surely we all know that there is contraception available and yet some can’t be bothered getting it and instead choose to abort. I have struggled to have a child and after four attempts at IVF it looks like it may not happen for us, but I’ve reached a stage where that’s okay. We do still hold some hope. I will admit I’m pro-life and believe that human life starts at conception so it makes me sad when I see so many children being aborted.

While some may believe they are not formed human beings, try saying that to a woman who has injected herself with hormones, gone through blood tests galore, had to give up caffeine, chocolate, various others foods, hot showers and lose weight and spend several weeks feeling like crap waiting to see if she is pregnant.

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