Decriminalising abortion campaign launched

Newstalk ZB 14/03/2011
A nationwide campaign has been launched calling for abortion to be decriminalised. The Abortion Law Reform Association says New Zealand’s abortion laws are 40 years out of date.

Spokeswoman Dr Morgan Healey says currently an abortion can be legally performed if there’s a risk to the health of the mother, or in cases of foetal abnormality or incest. She says they want abortion taken out of the Crimes Act and made a health issue. Dr Healey says the majority of people support the woman’s right to choose, and believe she can be trusted to make the decision for herself.

However, Family First says women wanting abortions should be required to have independent counselling and an ultrasound. Family First director Bob McCoskrie argues that if anything, the requirements for getting an abortion should be made stricter. He says there should be automatic parental notification of teenage abortion, and women should be required to receive independent advice before making a decision. 

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