Famed Blind Singer Andrea Boccelli Reveals, He Was Almost Aborted

LifeSiteNews.com June 4, 2010
What would the world have been like without Andrea Bocelli, Italian pop, opera, and classical singer?

With millions of infants having been victim to abortion, the blind international music sensation has revealed that he too could have been one more abortion statistic. The “I am Whole Life” project has produced a YouTube video with Bocelli, playing the piano, recounting the story of a young woman who had been hospitalized and treated for a “simple attack of appendicitis.” As Bocelli recounts, doctors had suggested to his mother that she “abort the child” because the child would be born with a disability. “But the young brave wife decided not to abort, and the child was born,” recounted Bocelli.

“That woman was my mother, and I was the child.”

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