Fight over pill looms

Waikato Times 27/04/2010
Anti-abortionists want to scuttle Family Planning’s attempt to hand out abortion pills in the Waikato. The move by New Zealand Family Planning Association (FPA) has been threatened with a High Court judicial review by Right For Life campaigners should they successfully obtain their licence to carry out medical abortions. FPA applied to the Abortion Supervisory Committee for the licence last July and a decision is expected soon.

If successful in obtaining a licence to perform medical abortions in the Waikato, FPA is expected to extend the service around the country, making the move at the Hamilton clinic the next likely flashpoint in the abortion debate. But Right For Life spokesperson Ken Orr said in the event that the licence was issued to Family Planning the society would apply to the High Court in Wellington for a judicial review of the decision.

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