Garth George: Starting to reject culture of death

NZ Herald 10 Nov 2011
As the election campaign hit top gear, an important news item went right under the radar and, as far as I know, was not reported in any media. Statistics New Zealand announced that 16,630 induced abortions were performed last year. This is the third and most substantial (920) consecutive annual reduction, and the lowest number since 2001. The figures, usually announced (and ignored by the media) in June, were late this year because of disruptions caused by the Christchurch earthquake in February, Statistics NZ said. You can be sure that you won’t hear this subject mentioned by politicians on the stump, except perhaps for Labour list MP Steve Chadwick who was tossed out of her Rotorua electorate seat in the last election, a rejection which will be repeated this month.

…However, it is disturbing that repeat abortions numbered 6407, or 39 per cent, of the total. Second abortions were done on 4427 women, 1332 had their third, 446 their fourth, 136 their fifth, 47 their sixth, 10 their seventh and nine their eighth or more. While the number of abortions performed on girls aged 11 to 14 rose by five to 84, the number in the 15 to 19 age group dropped by more than 500 to 3389. But the fact remains that 20 per cent of abortions are performed on teenage girls. As Bob McCoskrie, national director of Family First NZ, says: “This is a tragedy for the girls involved, some as young as 11. It is also devastating for the extended family, especially if the young girl has been sneaked off for the abortion by Family Planning or a school counsellor without the parents’ knowledge or consent.”

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