Greens’ abortion law will ‘pressure’ women – Family First

3News 7 June 2014
Family First says the Green Party’s push to decriminalise abortion will put more pressure on women to have one without the necessary safeguards.

But Labour says women should be able to access abortions and the law needs updating.

The Greens said yesterday they wanted to decriminalise abortion and start treating it as a health issue rather than a crime so as to reduce stigma.

Abortion is legal in New Zealand only if two consultants agree the pregnancy would seriously harm the woman’s mental or physical health, or if the foetus would have a serious disability.

Labour’s women’s affairs spokesperson Carol Beaumont told NZ Newswire there’s a need to modernise legislation so it reflects what’s happening in practice.

“Nobody would question that the legislation as it stands is outdated.—Family-First/tabid/1607/articleID/347489/Default.aspx


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