Greens-induced law is kinder to cattle than babies

Stuff 11 October 2014  
It turns out some of us care more about cows than we do humans.

It’s not because farming is the backbone of our economy or that dairying is our biggest bread winner. But the facts are undeniable. Too many of us care about cows, not people.

I was doing a story on the bull sales. They went well this year for a couple of reasons. One was because the meat schedule is strong. The other is because of the new induction rules.

From June 1 next year farmers are no longer allowed to induce their cows. Are you as confused as I am?

Let me lay it out straight. Each year, farmers buy bulls whose job it is to get their cows pregnant.

Nine months later, calves are born, and the cows are given about a month to recover, before the two-month mating window opens up again. Now, occasionally a cow or two gets pregnant a little late. That puts it out of sync with the rest of the herd, and makes things difficult for the farmer.

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