Greens want to decriminalise abortion

Radio NZ News 6 June 2014
The Green Party has ratified a formal policy on abortion, making it the only party in Parliament to have one.

It would legislate to decriminalise abortion and protect the right to end a pregnancy.

Having an abortion in New Zealand is still a crime under the Crimes Act, unless a pregnant woman faces a danger to her life, physical or mental health.

Abortion law has always been a subject about which politicians have tried to steer well clear, despite repeated calls for the laws to be reviewed and updated.

Green Party MP Jan Logie said it is time that abortion is removed from the Crimes Act, and brought out from that shadow of judgement and mistrust of women, because ultimately it is a health issue.

Collins says current abortion law works well
Newstalk ZB 6 June 2014 
Justice Minister Judith Collins believes the current law is working well.

“When people need that service then they tend to be able to get it of course it’s not a process or procedure that should be taken lightly.

“I think many people would see that our laws as they’re practiced in New Zealand are very liberal and we don’t have any plans as a government to change those.”

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