Greens Want To Tell Parents How Many Children To Have

Family First Media Release October 17, 2008
Family First NZ is labeling the Green party policy on population as dangerous, dictatorial and similar to China’s one child policy.

“Not only do the Greens want to tell families how to raise their kids, what to put in their lunchboxes, what lightbulbs to use and how long to shower, but they now want to dictate the size of families,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“It is also a subtle way of allowing abortion-on-demand, late term abortions, and even pressuring women to be sterilized.”

“According to a recent BBC report, China’s policy first introduced in 1979 has resulted in an increasing proportion of older people, a smaller workforce to look after them and a disproportionate number of boys to girls.”

“Ironically, the report also says that reducing the number of people has not automatically helped the environment.”

“Large families can still live in an environmentally friendly way, just as a group of student flatmates can live with no regard for the environment. It is not the size that matters – it’s the lifestyle choices.”

“Ultimately, the Greens should butt out of family decisions regarding the size of the family,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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