Hillary Kieft tells her remarkable story

Voice for Life Conference September 2013
Hillary is Ngai Tahu and grew up in Invercargill. She described her own experiences with sexual abuse and an abortion at age 20. Years of trauma followed, but after turning to God she found healing.

Hillary married a Taranaki dairy farmer, they had five children. She became involved with the local Baptist church. When her daughter was 15, Hillary noticed a change in her behaviour she had become moody and withdrawn.

Hillary recognised the same symptoms from her own abortion at 20. She found out that the school counsellor and health nurse had taken her daughter for a secret abortion.

When she contacted the school, both the principal and the counsellor insisted that they had done nothing wrong and had acted responsibly within the law.

One day, Hillary came home and as she entered the front door she called out for her daughter. There was no response, so she sent two of her children to search the barn while she went through the house. They found their sister hanging from a rafter.

She had just hung herself, and an ambulance crew arrived just in time to save her.

When I met Hillary during a visit to the VFL branch in Stratford, she told me that she wanted to ensure that no parents would ever have to suffer the devastation her extended family has endured.

Her daughter is getting better, but sadly the “safe, legal abortion” was botched and she is infertile.

“The school hides behind the law,” she told the conference, “where is the accountability?”

Hillary is determined to make a difference with parental notification. She and her daughter volunteered to be filmed for our current television advertising campaign.

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