It was biggest mistake of our lives, say four women

Bay of Plenty Times 10th July 2010
Four out of five women who had abortions felt they had made the “biggest mistake of their lives” and in the days following the termination, felt like their lives were “upside down, they couldn’t cope, and wished to be pregnant again”.

Those are the results of a survey conducted by a Western Bay post-natal consultant who collated the experiences of five women who had abortions into a survey. Vicki Kirkland, of Katikati, says more support is needed for vulnerable mothers making life-changing decisions.

Over several months, she was approached by five woman who had terminations. Miss Kirkland said it was evident many women were not getting the help and support they needed when choosing whether to abort. Four have experienced flashbacks, grief, anger, and relationship issues since the termination. Two out of the five later had suicidal thoughts. Miss Kirkland has presented her findings to medical professionals throughout New Zealand. 

…All five felt rushed to make a decision quickly, with four saying their GPs filled out the abortion form at their first consultation. Four were discharged an hour after their termination.  All but one claimed they were not asked to come back following the termination for a physical check-up and none were  warned  about possible psychological effects


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