Law around killing of unborn babies to be looked at

Sun, 6 Feb 2011
Minister of Justice Simon Power  is asking officials to ensure the law is “sufficiently robust” in cases where unborn children are killed. Ann-Maree Hardiman, 42, was seven months pregnant and driving to her Levin home with a female friend after attending a Gin Wigmore concert at Palmerston North on November 13 when her car was struck by a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

..A spokesman for Mr Power said while he could not comment on specific cases, there were several provisions in the Crimes Act that prosecutors could consider, including Section 158 (homicide), 159 (killing of a child), 160 (culpable homicide), 182 (death on an unborn child) or any other offence involving the physical harm to the mother and child she is carrying. Mr Power would tomorrow ask officials to consider whether the law was sufficiently robust to cover a range of scenarios.

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