Mum fights back after daughter’s secret school abortion

LifeSiteNews 28 May 2015
A mother petitioned the New Zealand government this week to pass legislation that would ensure parents are notified of their teenage daughter’s pregnancy, prior to any decisions or referrals for abortion.

The petition, signed by Hillary Kieft and six other people, was presented to Whanganui MP, Hon. Chester Borrows.

Parliament is asked to pass legislation requiring a parent of a girl under 16 to be informed of her confirmed pregnancy before she is “referred for any resulting medical procedure, and that any consent sought for the medical procedure be fully informed as to procedure, possible repercussions, and after-effects.”

Kieft, a mother of six, was devastated when she found out that her daughter had been taken during school hours for an abortion, at the age of 15, without her knowledge or consent.

The abortion was only revealed to the family when her daughter attempted suicide, after a year of depression, self-hatred, anger, alcohol and substance abuse.

“As a mother, how do you deal with that?” Kieft told participants at a Family First Forum in 2014.  “Our daughter survived by the Grace of God, she survived.  But life has never been the same.”

While parents must sign consent forms for field trips, basic first aid care and dental treatment, when it comes to abortion, the Care of Children Act, 2004, gives girls of any age the ability to have the procedure without the knowledge or consent of her parents.

Taranaki mum fights for full disclosure from school assisted abortions
One News 4 June 2015
A Taranaki mother is working with her local MP to stop New Zealand schools from helping students hide a life-changing decision from their parents.

About 50 times per year a Kiwi student is aided by their school to have an abortion without the parent’s knowledge. It is a secret that Hillary Kieft’s 15-year-old daughter and her school tried to keep.

“Just one day my daughter didn’t come home on the bus,” Ms Kieft said.

“Before I knew it a red car had come up my drive, my daughter was with a lady, who was a health nurse,” she said.

“I pretty much said ‘well where have you been?’ And this health nurse sat down at my table and she said ‘I [have] taken your daughter for a counselling appointment’.”

Taranaki mum fights to to ban schoolgirls getting abortions without their parent’s knowledge
NZ Herald 4 June 2015
A petition to ban schoolgirls getting abortions without their parent’s knowledge has been launched.

Taranaki mother Hillary Kieft said she launched the petition after her teenage daughter was secretly taken to another town for an abortion.

Ms Kieft said the petition was based on something “no other parent” should have to experience.

“One day in September 2009, our 15 year-old daughter did not come home from school on the bus. The health nurse had taken her to another town for an abortion,” she wrote.

“Our daughter changed after that event and our life as a family was turned upside down.”

“Society, the law and government agencies expect parents to take responsibilities for the behaviours of their children.

‘You need parental consent for panadol but not an abortion? That’s freakin’ ludacris!’
One News 4 June 2015
Last night’s emotional Seven Sharp story revealing a Taranaki mother’s anguish at finding out her teenage daughter was assisted by a school health nurse when she had an abortion has been met with outrage by ONE News readers.

Hillary Kieft’s 15-year-old daughter attempted suicide and will not be able to have babies after the “botched abortion” that her daughter’s school did not inform her about.

Scores of readers expressed their opinions on the ONE News Facebook page, condemning the fact that New Zealand schools aren’t obligated to inform parents if their daughter goes through with an abortion.

“This is so wrong, why should the schools have the right to do what they did, surely the school should be made to contact the parents,” Margaret Waterson wrote, summing up the views of the majority of readers.

Charde Heremaia shared one of her high school experiences on the ONE News Facebook page: “When I was in high school a couple of years ago, I had to call my mum to get consent to be given a PANADOL for a headache.


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