Mum highlights importance of 30-week pregnancy scan

Stuff 28 April 2015
Rahnui Owens is her mum’s “miracle baby”.

The 5-year-old Christchurch girl was born with rare brain condition bilateral Schizencephaly, which causes clefts in the brain.

Terryn Poharama, 25, found out her baby had the condition during an optional 4D ultrasound scan when she was 30 weeks pregnant.

I paid to get it done. I wanted to see her face.”

Health professionals told her she would probably have a miscarriage or, if the baby was born, she would not breathe.

“They pretty much told me she wouldn’t live past birth. They were giving me funeral pamphlets,”  Poharama  said.

“I just had that feeling that she was going to be fine. When she was born we had pretty much every single person in the room crying … she’s just gone against the doctors completely.”

Poharama wanted to share Rahnui’s story so the public knew how easily a condition could be missed without that extra scan, which she paid to have done herself.

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