Nine out of 10 women say doctors must see abortion patients before giving green light – poll

The Telegraph 11 March 2014
Women overwhelmingly oppose moves to allow doctors to approve abortions without seeing patients face-to-face, new polling shows.

Only one in 20 people disagree with the statement that pregnant women requesting a termination should “always” be seen by a qualified doctor before being given the go-ahead.

Although both men and women agree that patients requesting an abortion should be seen by a doctor, the view is held even more strongly by women than men, the survey suggests.

The polling also highlighted widespread fears that women’s health could be put at risk if the requirement to see a doctor is watered down.

It follows the publication of new draft Government guidelines for private abortion clinics which state explicitly that it is “not a legal requirement” for doctors approving abortions to see the women concerned first.

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