Parental notification not a black-and-white issue

Stuff 27 May 2015
The law allowing a teenager to keep her  abortion private from her parents should stay in place, NZ Family Planning says.

Stratford mother Hillary Kieft presented a petition calling for an amendment to the law, to Whanganui MP Chester Borrows on Monday, after her teenage daughter had the procedure done without her knowledge, and attempted suicide a year later.

Six years on from the procedure, Kieft’s daughter still suffered from depression and she was left infertile.

Family First NZ released a media statement on Tuesday, urging politicians to “reflect the concerns and wishes of parents and also teenagers” to ensure  young women receive the family support they deserve when undertaking this decision.

National director Bob McCroskie said an abortion is the only medical procedure that keeps parents in the dark, regardless of the age of the young pregnant woman in question.

“This all effectively means that while a parent has to sign a letter for their daughter to go on a school trip to the zoo or to play in the netball team, they are totally excluded from any knowledge or granting of permission for that same child to be put on the pill or have a surgical abortion,” he said.

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