Parents glad they didn’t abort girl with rare brain condition

 The Christian Institute 10 February 2014
A baby girl called Faith who was born with part of her brain outside her head is now home and well after her parents refused an abortion.

Faith was born with encephalocele, a rare condition that leads to a protrusion of the brain through an opening in the skull.

A hospital in Middlesbrough told Faith’s parents about the hole in her head at a 17-week scan.

  Her mother, Jessica Williams, said when they were told about the possibility of an abortion, they refused.

She commented, “if there was any chance at all then we wanted to give it to her”, adding: “We never gave termination a thought.”

The hospital said most babies they knew of with the condition had died from it.

But the couple met with a consultant at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle who said he had seen babies with much bigger gaps in their skulls who had survived. 

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