Planned Parenthood’s Agenda Not Welcome In NZ

Media Release 31 October 2013
Family First NZ says that the Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s agenda is not welcome in NZ and parents should be wary of its message and resources targeted at young people. The president Cecile Richards is speaking at the Family Planning Conference in Wellington today.

“A review earlier this year of sex education resources in New Zealand by groups such as Family Planning found that they are seriously flawed with both sins of commission and sins of omission, and that critical life and death information is distorted or ignored,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Many schools and Boards of Trustees read this report and were horrified by what was exposed. The last group and message we need in NZ right now is the highly controversial US version of Family Planning – Planned Parenthood.”

In 2011, the U.S. House of Representa­tives voted to end federal funding of Planned Parent­hood. Although the bill failed to pass the Senate, state legislators and governors have withheld state dollars from Planned Parenthood – and for good reason. Such states include Indiana, Kansas, Wis­consin, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, North Carolina, and Nebraska.

Planned Parenthood has been recently exposed for documented evidence suggesting Planned Parenthood’s failure to report statutory rape in at least eight of its affiliated clinics. In a disturbing legal case, Fairbanks v. Planned Parenthood, a 16-year-old teenage girl informed Planned Parenthood workers that she was impregnated by her father who, she said, was sexually molesting her. Planned Parenthood did not report the sexual abuse to authorities. It was not until a full year later when the young woman’s basketball coach filed a police report, that the sex-offending father was convicted and incarcerated.

In February 2011, a pro-life group Live Action released seven damag­ing undercover “sting” videos showing that Planned Parenthood affiliates were willing to aid and abet the sex trafficking of minors. In one of the stings, a clinic manager of the Planned Parenthood in Perth Amboy, New Jersey suggested to the actor “pimp” that the girls who were 14 or younger could lie about their ages to avoid mandatory reporting laws.

A number of founding directors of the group which became Planned Parenthood active­ly advanced the eugenics movement. Black Americans are the ethnic group having the greatest number of abortions. Through a series of undercover videos, pro-life group Live Action exposed Planned Parenthood clinics willing to earmark abortion money according to race, and to donate money specifically for the abortions of African-American babies in order to “lower the number of blacks in America.” In February, outraged black leaders launched a video that includes statements made by Cecile Richards exposing the racial impetus of Richard Nixon’s and Planned Parenthood’s mission. They argue that former-President Nixon supported aborting black babies, calling them “little black bastards.”

“This is significant because Maoris represent 15% of the population but 24% of abortions, and Pacific Islanders represent 7% of the population but 13% of abortions, according to 2011 statistics,” warns Mr McCoskrie.

“Planned Parenthood, like Family Planning, claims to be an advocate for women’s health. But by failing to warn clients about potential complications, and mini­mising the medical attention and professional su­pervision of chemical abortions, Planned Parenthood is a danger to both the mother and the unborn child,” says Mr McCoskrie.

In 2010, International Planned Parenthood re­leased a sex education guide for HIV-positive youth titled, “Happy, Healthy, Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to Their Rights and Living with HIV.” The sex guide for adolescents opposes laws in countries where HIV-positive people must reveal their life-threatening status to their sex partner. The guide claims that these laws “violate the rights of people living with HIV.” The guide informs infected youth of their right to “express and enjoy their sexuality”, the right to take risks: sex while high on drugs or alcohol, even sex without a condom is OK – “That is your choice”.

“We would encourage all parents to read our report “R18: Sexuality Education in New Zealand – A Critical Review” by US psychiatrist Dr Miriam Grossman, and judge for themselves whether groups like Family Planning and Planned Parenthood should be let anywhere near our children,” says Mr McCoskrie.



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