PM Should Call for End to Death Penalty of Unborn Child

Family First Media Release October 10, 2007
Family First is calling on the Prime Minister to be consistent, and call for the end of the death penalty to both adults and the unborn child.

In joining Amnesty International’s call today to end the death penalty worldwide, the Prime Minister said “The death penalty violates the right to life and is by definition and in practice, a cruel and degrading treatment. It is known to have been inflicted on the innocent. It’s very nature means it cannot be reversed.”

Family First agrees, and therefore calls on her government to immediately change the law which allows the death penalty being inflicted on the unborn child because of the abuse of the ‘mental health’ exemption clause in the existing legislation.

“It is ironic that during the smacking debate, the PM argued that children should enjoy the same protection as adults – yet has conveniently forgotten this principle in relation to the unborn child,” says Mr McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“It is also hypocritical of Amnesty International to call for the end of the death penalty despite its recent decision to support abortion as a human right. They have no credibility on this matter anymore.”

“Family First awaits the Prime Minister’s amendment to the current abortion laws which allow, on average, 18,000 unborn children to be aborted every year.”


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