Teen in tragic change of heart

Sunday Star Times 29/05/2011
A mother is angry her 15-year-old daughter wasn’t counselled through the pros and cons of having an abortion until she was on the hospital bed and presented with the termination-inducing pill. Napier woman Natalie* said it’s only one of the things medical professionals could have handled better when her daughter chose to have a second-trimester termination.

Two years ago Natalie’s daughter discovered she was pregnant after taking a store-brought pregnancy test. A scan by a doctor confirmed the test, revealing she was more than three months’ pregnant. Natalie, who was overseas at the time, said her daughter didn’t feel she could confide in anyone and decided to have a termination. Four weeks later, and after a number of consultations, her doctor arranged for her to see a counsellor at Hastings Hospital.

Her daughter told the Star-Times she was given a piece of paper at the hospital and asked to read and sign it. She said no one went through it with her or explained what it meant.
Natalie said the hospital staff handed her a pill and said she needed to take it to “get the rest of it going”. However, after talking to her father and hearing that she would have her parents’ support, she became unsure about proceeding with the abortion. That’s when she talked to someone about the pros and cons of having a second-trimester termination. As a result, she decided to keep the baby

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