Warnings over proposed abortion laws

Newstalk ZB 7 June 2014
A conservative lobby group believes relaxing the laws on abortion will only lead to dangerous, unlicensed terminations.

Family First is pointing to the Kermit Gosnell case in the US, where it says extreme abortion laws led to a woman’s death.

Director Bob McCoskrie says the current law has safeguards in place.

“The line in the sand at the moment is a health and safety issue it’s to prevent backstreet abortions.”

Bob McCoskrie also sees flaws in the current law, which he says is allowing abortions ‘on-demand’.

Tensions rife over abortion law proposals
Newstalk ZB 7 June 2014
Family First wants to see stronger abortion laws, rather than weaker ones if there’s going to be a change.

It’s responding to the Green Party’s pledge to push for abortion to be decriminalised, if it’s part of the next government.

Family First’s Bob McCoskrie is defending the existing laws, although he feels they’re not really strict enough.

He says even with safeguards such as the need for two doctors to approve an termination, New Zealand still has ‘abortion on demand’.

“No it’s not rigorous at all. In fact, it’s a rubber-stamping process.”



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