Woman conceived in incestuous rape: ‘every child should be given a chance’

LifeSite News 4 June 2013
Kristi Hofferber has always known she was adopted. At three days old she was welcomed into the loving home of her parents, who were unable to have biological children. She was an only child, and her parents felt no need to hide the adoption, as they knew adoption wasn’t something to be ashamed of. And Kristi wasn’t ashamed, but she was worried that if she looked for her birth mother, it might hurt her parents in some way. So for years, she denied that she had any desire to find her birth family.

“I had a wonderful childhood. My parents gave me everything I needed. Many adoptees have a desire to know more. I did have that desire,” she says, “I finally decided it was the right time to look further into my adoption and I tried to do it without telling my adoptive parents, and that didn’t work out in my favor. I wasn’t able to get any information and I knew, at the same time, that I wasn’t doing it the right way, that I should be honest with my parents. So I asked them for information and they were very upfront. The answer I got was difficult to hear.”

Kristi’s parents told her that when she was thirteen a newspaper article had been run about a court case in which a woman was pressing charges against her own father for years of rape. Kristi’s parents recognized the woman’s name as Kristi’s birth mother because although it was a closed adoption, her parents received paperwork from the birth mother’s attorney that had included the birth mother’s name. Kristi learned that there had been six children created over the years of incest. One died due to physical abuse causing Kristi’s mother to miscarry. Another four were terminated through abortion in order to cover up the incest. And a sixth child was placed for adoption. It seemed likely that Kristi was that child and that she had been conceived through incest.

…About abortion in cases of incest, Kristi says:
I truly feel that no matter the circumstances surrounding the conception of the child, the child should not be punished for the crime of the father. And I truly feel that when someone says (abortion should be illegal) except in cases of rape and incest that exactly what’s happening. The child is being punished for the crimes of the father, and not given the life that the child deserves. Especially coming from the place I am, I truly feel like every child should be given a chance at the life that they’re given.

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