Wrong to smack but right to kill?

UK Telegraph Opinion –  07/11/2004 
A ban on smacking, said David Hinchcliffe, the Labour MP who led the calls for such a ban in last week’s Commons’ debate, “would criminalise hitting children to exactly the same extent as hitting adults. That is equality and children, who are far more fragile and vulnerable than us, deserve nothing less.” As it turned out, MPs rejected Mr Hinchcliffe’s demand for an outright ban in favour of a compromise that will make it a criminal offence to redden the skin of a child. But even if he had got his way, it would still have been legal to do one thing to children that it is illegal to do to adults: kill them.

In fact, killing children is an activity that Mr Hinchcliffe has gone out of his way to condone. He was in the Commons, too, on April 24, 1990 when, in an amendment to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, MPs debated whether to reduce the legal limit for abortion from 24 weeks of pregnancy to 18 weeks. ….David Hinchcliffe and his colleagues should take note that there are a good many of us who believe the real abuse of children is not smacking them when they are naughty but terminating their lives before they have even had a chance to misbehave.

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