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The Abortion Legalisation Act 2021 is one of the most extreme (pro-abortion) laws in the world. We believe every human being, even the child in the womb, has the right to life. The unborn child has a fundamental human right and should be legally protected. A 2019 poll found strong support for the unborn child having human rights and being legally protected once a heartbeat is detected, and only a small minority thinking that life doesn’t begin until the child is born. We love both the mother and her unborn child. 

Get informed, and let’s work together to make abortion “unthinkable” for the majority of New Zealanders.

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Abortions in New Zealand, last year



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‘FATAL FLAWS’ – Abortion Legislation Act 2020 This page summarises much of the information (and the public debate) relating to the Abortion Legislation Act. You can also download our Fact Sheet on the Abortion Legislation Act here POLICY FAIL * to remove legislation about abortion from the criminal code and insert it to the health code…
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Poll on Abortion

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Poll – Support for Heartbeat Determining Rights Of Unborn Media Release 3 May 2019A poll has found strong support for the unborn child having human rights and being legally protected once a heartbeat is detected (which can be between 6–12 weeks), and only a small minority thinking that life doesn’t begin until the child is born. In…
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Latest News & Media

Are our media ‘marketing’ abortion?

It was disappointing to buy the Herald on Sunday and be confronted with “My womb my choice” as the headline story decorating the front page. Media ‘personality’ Brodie Kane shares her own abortion story, hoping to “help other women and reduce the stigma”. The article is written by journalist Julia Gabel (a two year ‘veteran’…
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New Zealand’s Abortion Statistics

Respected journalist Karl du Fresne published a very good article this week, highlighting abortion statistics in New Zealand. He references this government report. Karl also points out the obvious wokeness coming from the Ministry of Health: A peculiar aspect of the report is that it refers to pregnant “persons” and “people” rather than “women”, but…
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McBLOG: Roe v Wade is dead. Children can live

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned the Roe v Wade case that legalised abortion at any stage of the pregnancy. See how the NZ media went into meltdown over it. Listen to the wise and considered words of paediatrician Dr Ben Carson. And meet a wonderful woman who campaigned all her life for this momentous…
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McBLOG: Abortion supporters are spinning

Last week we found out that the 1973 abortion case Roe v Wade which effectively allowed abortion anywhere anytime in the US may be overturned and that the decision making process would go back to individual states. Abortion activists are enraged that their right to kill the unborn child could be impacted. But it’s been…
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US: Prenatal screening tests often wrong, leading to unnecessary abortions

Many parents are being given false prenatal screening results, incorrectly determining that the fetus will likely be born with genetic abnormalities. This ultimately results in many of these unborn babies being aborted. Now the US  Food and Drug Administration has finally admitted many prenatal screening tests have been giving false results. Many of these tests…
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Why I Stopped Performing Abortions

Dr Norman MacLean qualified in medicine at the Otago Medical School 50 years ago. He practiced within obstetrics & gynaecology for nearly 40 years. In 2015, Dr Norman MacLean was named a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queens Birthday Honours for services to obstetrics and gynaecology. Hear why he stopped performing abortions early into his career.

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The Harms Of Abortion

Family First has published a report which reviews international evidence up to the end of last year about the relationship between abortion and the physical & mental health of women, showing there is a clear correlation between abortion and adverse psychological outcomes.

Listen to women who have actually had abortions. Listen to the research. Watch this >>

First Stages of Life

Pregnancy has three trimesters, each of which is marked by specific fetal developments. A pregnancy is considered full-term at 40 weeks

The Reality – Surgical Abortions in NZ

This short video explains the process of 2nd trimester surgical abortions (approx. 13 – 24 weeks). WARNING: Some parts of this presentation may be upsetting to viewers. Viewer discretion advised.


Abortion Procedures NZ

This site provides accurate and detailed explanations of the medical and surgical procedures involved with abortions in New Zealand.

Before you defend abortion, be sure you know what you’re defending. Sadly, many people simply aren’t aware of the abortion procedures being used in New Zealand. According to official government statistics, surgical abortions are more common at the beginning of the 2nd trimester. As the gestation period increases (19 weeks onward), medical abortions are required more often (some surgical abortions are still performed though). Go to to learn more.


NZ Abortion Statistics

There are lots of statistics being thrown about in the abortion debate. Let’s set the record straight.


Real Women, Real Stories

We asked Kiwi women to share their abortion experience. Here’s what they said…