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McBLOG: You must watch “The Procedure”

If you need some incentive to attend the March for Life this Saturday in Wellington, here it is. Pro life group CHOICE42 and Loor – a crowdfunding platform that supports film makers – have partnered to bring the truth about abortion in an animated short. The four minute video tells the true story of a…
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The reality of medical abortions (which the media won’t show you)

The government, pro-abortion activists and the media were very excited this week. The government has just introduced an even easier way to get abortions. Dial an 0800 number and get the abortion pills couriered. DIY abortion. Remember the slogan “safe, legal and rare”. It was a big fat lie. There’s this big push for easy…
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Ministry of “Health” continues to cheerlead for abortion

The Ministry of Health has just released the latest abortion statistics. One positive is that it uses the word “women” six times – so that’s progress because only women can get pregnant, but let’s take a look at the latest trends – just over two years on from when our politicians decriminalised abortion and introduced…
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Are our media ‘marketing’ abortion?

It was disappointing to buy the Herald on Sunday and be confronted with “My womb my choice” as the headline story decorating the front page. Media ‘personality’ Brodie Kane shares her own abortion story, hoping to “help other women and reduce the stigma”. The article is written by journalist Julia Gabel (a two year ‘veteran’…
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New Zealand’s Abortion Statistics

Respected journalist Karl du Fresne published a very good article this week, highlighting abortion statistics in New Zealand. He references this government report. Karl also points out the obvious wokeness coming from the Ministry of Health: A peculiar aspect of the report is that it refers to pregnant “persons” and “people” rather than “women”, but…
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McBLOG: Roe v Wade is dead. Children can live

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned the Roe v Wade case that legalised abortion at any stage of the pregnancy. See how the NZ media went into meltdown over it. Listen to the wise and considered words of paediatrician Dr Ben Carson. And meet a wonderful woman who campaigned all her life for this momentous…
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