Abortion rate declines in Bay

Bay of Plenty Times 30 June 2015
The number of abortions had by Bay of Plenty women has decreased 8 per cent since 2013, new data reveals.

Statistics New Zealand data shows fewer Bay of Plenty women had abortions in 2014 than in any year since records began in 2004. Bay women had 667 abortions last year, compared to 726 in 2013, a decrease of 8 per cent.

Pregnancy Choice Centre co-ordinator Janice Tetley-Jones said the majority of women visiting the centre were choosing to continue with their pregnancies.

Many women who found themselves pregnant unexpectedly felt their only choice was abortion until they learned what support was available.

“Women in a crisis pregnancy often feel very alone and scared, but it has seemed to have made a real difference with the support they can access. They can keep coming in to see us if they are nervous about their pregnancy.

“Some women feel they have to have an abortion because they have no choice for various reasons.

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