The 5 most horrifying revelations in the newest Planned Parenthood video

LifeSiteNews 19 August 2015
Today’s video just might be the most horrifying of the seven videos released by the Center for Medical Progress exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies.

But then again it’s kind of hard to imagine what could be worse than previous videos: like the one showing technicians sorting through the dismembered arms and legs of a 20-week aborted twin, or the other one where a technician exclaims “It’s another boy!” while prodding at a “specimen” (So much for the lie that unborn babies are just “blobs of tissue”).

That said, here are the five most horrifying revelations from today’s video. Be warned, it takes a strong stomach to read this, and then to realize that this is actually happening.

1. StemExpress technicians working at a Planned Parenthood clinic harvested the brains of a baby whose heart was still beating.
2. There are other times when aborted babies are born with beating hearts before organ harvesting.
3. Planned Parenthood changes the abortion procedure to obtain “fully intact” aborted babies.
4. The hardest part of the baby to get is the brains. So when the abortionist wants a brain, they will deliver the baby “breach” and only “crush” around the head to kill the baby.
5. Planned Parenthood knows that if they do abortions without killing the baby first with Digoxin, the baby might be born alive. But they do it anyway, to obtain the best quality specimens.

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