All about faces for babies opening their eyes to life

The Australian 9 June 2017
Family First Comment: It’s getting harder and harder for pro-abortion people to say ‘it’s just a blob of tissue’ 😊

Babies develop their fascination for faces from the darkness of the womb. A world-first study has found that babies’ preference for faces over other objects — a trait demonstrated in research into newborns — also exists in 34-week-old fetuses.

The findings suggest babies may have an innate appreciation of faces and the spin-offs of looking people in the face before they see the light of day.

Lead researcher Vincent Reid said a more probable explanation was that babies had “visual experiences” prior to birth. “It is likely this bias to look at faces is triggered by exposure to patterned light in the womb,” said Professor Reid, a psychologist with Lancaster University in England.

“The maternal rib cage could introduce variation in light penetrating the womb, and this may be enough visual information to create this bias.”

The findings, published in the journal Current Biology, stem from the first study of the visual development of prenatal babies. The team projected moving patterns of light on to the stomachs of pregnant mothers, and tracked the gaze of their unborn children using hi-tech “4D” ultrasound.




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