Amnesty International’s hypocrisy

Anonymous NZ group set up to combat racism praised by Amnesty International
TVNZ One News 14 July 2021
Family First Comment: Oh how rich!!
“Freedom of speech is not an absolute if it harms another person’s life” says Amnesty International regarding combatting racism.
The same Amnesty International that says that abortion is an absolute right, and that children should only be protected from birth. 🤮🤮🤮

Freedom of speech is not an absolute if it harms or terrifies another person’s life, Amnesty International New Zealand executive director Meg de Ronde says.

Her comments come as this morning an anonymous group, called the Manaaki collective, is being launched. The people behind the group are remaining anonymous in order to keep themselves and their families safe.

With hate speech, death threats, threats of violence so explicit, some New Zealand homes, including families with children, have evacuation plans in place in case someone arrives to carry out those threats.

Breakfast host John Campbell spoke to a woman at the weekend, who’s identity is being kept secret, who has children trained in how to remain silent and how to disappear if someone comes to her house with the intent of causing violence.

“It’s horrific, it’s absolutely horrific, and similar to you I listened to her story, I’ve got two young children myself and I can’t imagine having to have that conversation here in New Zealand,” de Ronde told Campbell this morning.

“We work around the world with people that face this fear, but to hear somebody in New Zealand say ‘we have had death threats, we know that people live close to our homes, we know that these people have guns and access to weapons and we know that these were similar concerns that people had prior to March [15].”

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