Born at 23 weeks, Tia-Jane is fighting on

Stuff 15 November 2015
Tiny Tia-Jane’s super-human fight for life started when she put her foot in it.

Her mother, Wellingtonian Alysha McVeigh, went into labour only 22 weeks and five days into a pregnancy that was her only chance of a child.

Tia-Jane’s chances were remote because  there were still two days to go to reach the crucial deadline of 23 weeks – under hospital policy, a baby born any earlier would be left to die.

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“The miraculous thing is [Tia-Jane] put her foot in my cervix.”

Her unborn baby’s fancy footwork plugged the flow of amniotic fluid, which ensured her womb remained a safe haven for a vital bit longer.

By then, Alysha had already spent two and a half weeks in Wellington Hospital on total bedrest because the protective amniotic sac around Tia-Jane had bulged dangerously into the birth canal.

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