Born at 24 weeks: mum of premature baby says thanks to Waikato NICU

Stuff 12 November 2019
Family First Comment: Powerful story!
And at just 24 weeks, little Peter looks real human to us. What does he look like to MPs who support abortion?

Terehia Rakatau-Emery was delighted the first time she heard her son cry.

“I videoed it. I know it sounds weird,” she said. “But it was just so cool, because he made no noise for, like, three months.”

Peter was born at 24 weeks’ gestation, by emergency caesarean section, on July 4.

He weighed 664 grams and was rushed to Waikato’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, more commonly known as NICU.

Four months on, he’s grown to 3665 grams and a transfer back to Gisborne was being organised on Monday.

It has been one of the hardest journeys his mum has ever had to make, and she wants to thank everyone who helped ease it.

Rakatau-Emery, a Gisborne-based solo mum, had problems right through the pregnancy.

Her own father, Peter Tiniwhetu Rakatau-Emery, died about a month before his namesake was born.

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