Concerns Kiwis using ‘potentially life threatening’ illegally imported abortion kits

TVNZ One News 5 November 2018
A doctor who performs abortions in Christchurch says she’s “disturbed” people are illegally importing abortion medicine.

Last year, 39 “kits” containing abortion medicines mifepristone and/or misoprostol were seized at the border, according to regulator Medsafe.

The pills induce miscarriage and are used for early medical abortions for women up to 10 weeks pregnant.

Certifying consultant and abortion provider Dr Pippa Mackay said she was concerned to hear about people importing abortion providing pills they had bought online, when abortions were safe and accessible in New Zealand.

“I’m disturbed that people feel they have to resort to an illegal way to get a service that is legal here,” she said.

But pro-life group Voice for Life’s national president Jacqui de Ruiter disagrees.

“Any woman can access a safe and legal abortion in New Zealand. I mean, you’ve got 13,285 women who [had] terminations last year alone… It’s an easy process to do, the pro-abortion people might not say that, but the fact of the matter is if 13,285 women have gone through a termination of their pregnancy, then it is easy access.”

Ms de Ruiter said the only reason anyone would illegally import abortion medication was if they wanted to keep their actions secret.

“They’re in a crisis situation and the idea of continuing a pregnancy is just too much for them so they’re looking for that quick easy fix.”
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