English, Little at loggerheads over abortion law reform

TVNZ One News 12 March 2017
Family First Comment: Credit where credit is due. Bill English remains solid of protecting women and unborn children from extreme abortion laws.

Prime Minister Bill English remains staunch in his belief that New Zealand’s abortion laws don’t need to be updated.

Political editor for 1 NEWS Corin Dann asked Mr English about the issue on TVNZ’s current affairs show Q+A this morning.

Mr Dann mentioned that prime ministers tended to set the tone for conscience vote issues, and said Mr English’s vote would be quite significant in an issue like abortion.

“The Abortion Supervisory Committee has recommended an update of our abortion laws, they’re outdated and clumsy,” said Mr Dann.

“Would you stand in the way of that, given that you’re not in favour of liberalising abortions?

Mr English replied: “That’s right, I’m not, and I wouldn’t vote for legislation that did”.
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Watch: Kiwi women seeking abortions ‘have to basically lie and say they’re mentally ill’
TVNZ One News 13 March 2017
The Prime Minister today again downplayed the impact of his stance against changing New Zealand’s abortion laws.

Bill English maintained his vote was one among many when it came to the parliament conscience vote when speaking on this morning’s Breakfast programme.

“My view on that isn’t that relevant actually,” he said, before host Jack Tame called him out on it.

“Well it is relevant, you are the prime minister,” Tame retorted.

Abortion Rights Aotearoa president Terry Bellamak was not discouraged by Mr English’s lack of support, saying that people would realise how ridiculous New Zealand’s current abortion laws are as time marched on.

“Abortion is healthcare, and healthcare should prioritise the patient above everything else,” Ms Bellamak told Breakfast.
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Prime Minister Bill English won’t ‘liberalise’ abortion law
Stuff co.nz 12 March 2017
Any review of abortion law is code for “liberalising it”, says Prime Minister Bill English, and that’s not going to happen on his watch.

The Abortion Advisory Committee is calling for an update of New Zealand’s abortion laws, which are still part of the Crimes Act 1961.

But the committee’s recommendations are unlikely to make any headway under a National government, as staunchly Catholic English says it’s a “law that’s stood the test of time”.

English made the comments on TVNZ’s Q+A on Sunday after being asked if he would consider a “modernisation” of the laws.
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