EXCELLENT – Queensland abortion bill rejected

Queensland rejects bill to decriminalise abortion
Stuff co.nz 30 August 2016
Family First Comment: Great decision. And NZ will do likewise.
But it’s amusing reading the bias of the reporter.
#chooselife #prowomen

After 1400 submission, scores of expert appearances and public hearings, Queensland’s Parliamentary inquiry into abortion law reform has rejected a bill to decriminalise abortion across the state.

Cairns Independent MP Rob Pyne, who introduced the Women’s Right to Choose bill in May, said the decision was politically motivated and that it was “disappointing that some of the politicians can’t be a little more courageous in their approach to some reform”.

However, chairwoman and Labor MP Leanne Linard said careful consideration was given to the complex issues in regulating termination of pregnancy.

“The committee was unable to support the Bill as it failed to address a number of important policy issues and to achieve a number of its own stated objectives,” she said.

Far from being a fatal blow to the process to end antiquated laws that prevent women from seeking terminations to pregnancies, academics agreed, suggesting recommendations were made on constructive grounds and that the “door to reform is not closed”.
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