FAMILY MATTERS: Research & Experience Confirm The Harms Of Abortion

The common narrative we hear from supporters of abortion – all of whom ironically are not at any risk of abortion themselves – is that abortion is a simple medical procedure, involves only the pregnant woman, and that life resumes as normal once the abortion has taken place. Nothing to see here.

Well, actually, there’s a lot to see – lots and lots of research. Family First has just published a new report which reviews international evidence up to the end of last year about the relationship between abortion and the physical & mental health of women, showing there is a clear correlation between abortion and adverse psychological outcomes.

But it’s not only the research pointing to the harms of abortion. It’s also the experiences shared by many women. And the concerns of health professionals.

Listen to the medical professional. Listen to the women who have actually had abortions. Listen to the research.

Watch our latest episode of Family Matters.

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT: https://www.familyfirst.org.nz/wp-con…​

WARNING – Discusses suicide. Viewer discretion is recommended.

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