“FATAL FLAWS” 11 problems with the new abortion legislation

As the new abortion laws were being rushed through Parliament in the week before we went into Lockdown 4, and while most of the world was focused on COVID-19 and how we could save lives, one of the things that the Government did very well (aided by a predominantly pro-abortion media) was to mask the true intent and effect of the law change, and to shut down any debate (including oral submissions) and amendments which would have made it slightly less extreme.

And because they did that job so well, many New Zealanders don’t fully understand just how extreme our new abortion law is, and how little protection is now afforded to the unborn child.

We’ve produced a two-page summary of the new law, its effect, and some of the amendments which were shockingly voted down by the majority of MPs. It appears that some MPs simply didn’t know what the amendments were and what the law change was about. Perhaps like most of us and the rest of the world, those MPs were focused on the virus and how we could save as many lives as possible – especially the most vulnerable.

So please take the time to download this free resource, share it with friends and families, and use it to ‘push back’ on the many myths and misunderstandings which seem to be circulating on social media and in the mainstream media. With knowledge, we can bring about change.



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