Father outraged son was prescribed antibiotics at school without parents’ knowledge

NewsTalk ZB 2 August 2016
Family First Comment: Dear Dad
You are right to be outraged. But the politicians have already excluded parents from decisions around a daughter going on contraception or having an abortion. We’re glad that the Principal of this school believes you should have been consulted. So do we.

A Bay of Plenty father is outraged his son was prescribed antibiotics at school without a call home first.

Marc Cotter’s 12-year-old son was feeling a bit sick, so he went to the sick bay at Katikati College.

When the usual nurse was off site, he was referred to the local GP, who works part-time at the school.

Mr Cotter said his son was given two containers of amoxicillin tablets in un-prescribed bottles – one of which expired in March this year.

“Our phone’s 24 hours. There’s no real reason why you can’t get hold of us. There was no notification to us at all that one, he was even in the sick bay, two he’d seen a doctor and three, had been prescribed any medication.”

Mr Cotter said it wasn’t until his son arrived home from school looking teary-eyed and red-cheeked, that he even aware he was sick.
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