Girl Exploited by Amnesty Int’l Names Baby “Miracle” 19 August 2015 
The young mother named her baby “Milagros.” That is Spanish for Miracle.

Amnesty International wanted the baby aborted.

The brave girl in Paraguay was allegedly raped by her stepfather, and pregnant at 11 years old. Amnesty International used her case to demand Paraguay change its pro-life laws to allow an abortion. UN officials criticized Paraguay. But it appears they didn’t ask the girl what she wanted.

The case made international headlines – a tactic of human rights groups to shame governments. In true cases of human rights abuses, this makes sense. But Amnesty’s crusade to promote abortion — the deliberate taking of a human life — has turned the human rights group shameless.

The delivery “was like any other Cesarean, without complications, the difference being the age,” Dr. Maria Villalba said.

Erika Guevara, Amnesty’s director for the Americas, accused Paraguay of gambling with the girl’s “health, life and integrity despite overwhelming evidence that this pregnancy was extremely risky.”

Yet Dr. Castellanos, the attending physician, insisted the girl’s life was never at risk.

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