Hawke’s Bay mum told she’s dying after pausing cancer treatment to give birth

Stuff co.nz 2 March 2017
Family First Comment: A very sad – but at the same time, inspiring – story of love and sacrifice. And the value of the unborn child.

For as long as he lives, Rhianna Truman’s son will know his mum laid down her life for him.

Truman, 17, was diagnosed in 2012 with adamantinoma, an extremely rare bone cancer which was found in her leg.

When the Hawke’s Bay teenager fell pregnant last year, she was offered a type of treatment which may have helped slow down the disease – but it would have put her unborn son at risk.

She declined the treatment, in the hopes her child would be healthy.

“When I found out I had cancer I was scared.

“But when I found out I was pregnant, I was like, ‘this is my reason, this is my chance to make something good out of my life, and be a proud mother, and for him to eventually be proud of me’.”

She was dealt the crushing blow last week that her days with him were numbered. Her son is four months old.

“There’s no cure for me.
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