Hillary Clinton: Abortion Extremist

While the media is busy taking a joke Donald Trump made at a rally over a crying baby into national news, they are avoiding any reporting on Hillary Clinton’s abortion extremism. Hillary Clinton’s stance in favor of abortion rights is pretty well-known, but do you know just how extreme she is? American Values Action is releasing a video today to make it easy for you to quickly educate your friends on her record of promoting abortion over her entire lifetime.
The video is less than a minute long and highlights four issues: her belief in expanding taxpayer funding for abortion; her stunning statement that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs have to be changed;” her assertion that unborn babies have no constitutional rights whatsoever; and her repeated commitment to appoint only pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court.
Make no mistake: when she says religious beliefs have to be changed — she means your beliefs! Please take a minute — literally :58 seconds — and watch and share the video to help spread the word that Hillary Clinton is an abortion extremist.

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